Monday, November 10, 2014

Recently I saw a funny comic, one I think is worthy of being shared here.

I know many times in my life the Lord has carried me but at other times I am sure that he has dragged me kicking and screaming as I threw a tantrum over not getting things my way. I also remember when He later explained with tender mercies how I was precious and worthy of His love.

The Lord doesn't often drag us away from spiritual danger but he always provides a way to escape it. Most often it is through the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. I saw this often during the summer of 2013 when I worked in Utah, first as a door to door pest control salesman and then as a pest control technician.

At that point I was just beginning to accept that I experience Same Gender Attractions and was in the grip of severe depression. I was still hiding virtually everything about myself from my family and friends but most especially my co-workers. Most of my co-workers were very attractive, single, twenty-something-year-old men.

My roommate was a God-send. While I was questioning whether I should remain in the Church he was the steady rock I relied on as my sounding board. He listened and gave advice while not judging. His response when I told him of my SGA was simple and powerful: "Jacob, I trust you." Period. End of discussion, no doubt, no judgment, no lecture. Just a simple declaration of confidence in me.

His confidence in me strengthened my resolve to seek help for my depression and to confide my experiences with SGA in leaders and friends. That is where the long groove in the sand can be seen. When I first looked for help I quickly lost faith in those trying to help me. I moved back to Idaho soon after and the Lord kicked me all the way down the hall into the Bishop's office so that I would not abandon the path to peace. This Bishop was like my roommate, loving and supportive without any hint of judgement. With his help I gained the confidence and faith to allow my Savior to carry me until I was ready to walk beside him.

I hope sharing my experience may be some small help to you. Until next time, Vaya con Dios!

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